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Archangel of Sedona book cover
Waggoners Gap book cover
Waggoners Gap


It is in Waggoners Gap, a spiritual place with unique beauty and breathtaking vistas overlooking the Cumberland Valley, that two disparate families fight for survival and success in the dark decades surrounding World War II.

The saga winds from Waggoners Gap through area colleges to Army training bases, ships at sea, battlefields in Europe and the Pacific, and back again as its truly colorful characters influence each other throughout the decades. In spite of the deadly hardships overseas and dark dealings on the home front, Waggoners Gap draws the players together and repels them like a spinning magnet.


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Archangel of Sedona


At the site of a world-famous architectural marvel located in the heart of the mystical red rock country surrounding Sedona, Arizona, a young college student encounters an ancient secret that holds the key to the origins of the universe. Haunted by his epiphany over decades, unexplainable—almost miraculous—events overtake him, until he has a revelation that compels him to go on a dangerous quest to resolve the mystery.


There is no serendipity.


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